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It’s not easy to take care of yourself.

Everyone says to put yourself first, but you and I know how hard that can be. Between all the various roles and responsibilities you have, you – and your needs, easily slip to the bottom of your “to do” list.

You want to take care of yourself but how is that possible with everyone pulling on you? You feel guilty if you say “no,” so you give your attention to them, hoping to get back to yourself soon.

There are reasons why putting yourself first is so difficult, and I call that The Caretaking Gene.™

You are biologically hardwired to care for people, and although you might save all the people around you, you may also end up exhausted and depleted, or at the very least frazzled, frustrated and unfulfilled. Care is not supposed to deplete you.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Understanding The Caretaking Gene will not only give you relief but learning to work with it will bring you strategies that are really healthy and will allow you  to put yourself first without guilt, blame or shame.

Learning how to tame The Caretaking Gene will help you to put yourself first in ways that not only create a fulfilling life for you, but also allow you to truly enjoy the people that mean so much to you. And they will enjoy you more too!

Hi, I’m Anne Marie Clear, founder of Clear Directions. I’ve helped hundreds of women make peace with their Caretaking Gene and use their newly found energy to create a life filled with more satisfaction and ease, both at work and at home.

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Anne Marie

Anne Marie Clear

Anne Marie playfully refers to herself as the boundary queen. She loves helping women develop the skills, the confidence, and the security needed to successfully juggle all of the different relationships in their lives while taking good care of themselves too!