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Hi, I’m Anne Marie Clear.

I help people find that sweet spot where they are thriving – not too comfortable and not overstretched, but challenged, excited and passionate. It’s called the “Possibility Zone” and it’s where all results happen.


The big change.
One day I was Anne Marie and the next day I was someone’s Mom. I was totally unprepared for how becoming a Mom would define my time, my relationships and my life. Being Paul and Richard’s Mom was the easy part. The hard part was being Anne Marie. I loved being a Mom, I just couldn’t figure out how to do that and still be me.

How my son catapulted me into my new career.
My oldest son Paul came into the world with his own agenda. By the age of two he was an accomplished anarchist and I felt like a complete klutz of a mother. So I started reading everything I could find on parenting. Eventually I became the Parent Education Director for the Healdsburg, CA parenting center. I loved helping parents solve problems with their kids.

Good things grow more good things.
The women who attended my parenting classes longed for a safe place to talk about their work, their relationships, their struggles and their dreams. So I began leading women’s support groups. I am a firm believer that people need to learn in order to grow, so each week I would teach an education topic that helped the women become stronger and more confident. I led these groups for over 8 years and then …

It became time to spread my wings.
Every time I taught a workshop someone would ask me for my credentials. I felt so embarrassed I wanted to run and hide. Instead I had to stand in the front of the room and tell everyone that I didn’t have a college degree. Finally one day I said enough! I enrolled in college and didn’t quit until I had a Masters Degree in Counseling. My kids were in elementary school and they hated that I was always doing homework. I knew that if I didn’t take care of myself and validate my own goals I would never make it through college. I invested my whole heart in the possibility of graduating from college. It was hard at first, and then it got easier. Then I heard my son bragging to his friends that his Mom was in college. He was proud of me … I was proud of me!

As I grew as a person, so did my business.
Getting my Masters degree built my confidence and gave me the courage to dream bigger. So I started Clear Directions and began helping people in organizations lower their stress and create great relationships. I coached hundreds of professional who were passionate about their work and about their personal lives too. I was so moved by their commitment to their families and to themselves. I wanted to do whatever I could to support them. So we worked together to keep possibility alive.

Staying in Possibility is a game changer.
When you are on automatic pilot, living life in survival mode or what I call “the flat zone” you make mistakes, hurt people’s feelings, get sick and just plain don’t enjoy life very much. When you’re living in possibility you are open and curious – it’s where magic happens! Our personal balance is always in flux and that’s how it’s supposed to be. Change is a constant and it gives rise to new experiences and opportunities. You need to BE the person living in possibility to see outside the box and run with it. At first it’s scary but over time confidence grows …

The surprise bonus!
When your confidence grows you get a surprise bonus – courage. The courage to take a few risks, dream a little bigger and reach a little higher because you know you can handle yourself. And the more you handle with ease the more goodies come your way. The sky is the limit when you live in possibility!



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Anne Marie

Anne Marie Clear

Anne Marie playfully refers to herself as the boundary queen. She loves helping women develop the skills, the confidence, and the security needed to successfully juggle all of the different relationships in their lives while taking good care of themselves too!