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There is a very real condition called the “someday” effect. We look out into the future called “someday” and imagine that it’s different than today.

We believe so completely in our “someday” future that we don’t take action now.

“Someday” I will be 10 pounds lighter, but today I’m going to treat myself to this piece of chocolate cake.

News flash – “someday” will not be different unless you do something different today.


  1. Since “someday” it’s going to be different, you may be tempted to compromise today. Stop compromising and watch your results grow.
  2. A commitment to making things different is exactly that – commitment. A commitment means you will make it happen no matter what, no excuses.
  3. If your goals were easy to reach you would have achieved them already. Be prepared to be uncomfortable. Take action anyway. Otherwise, “someday” will look just like today.

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