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That’s Not Me

We are creatures of habit and we love what’s familiar. Sure, there are some thrill seekers amongst us but most of us stick with what we know. If you’re at a party you gravitate toward your friends or people who are “just like you.”

How many times have you gone out to dinner only to order the same meal everywhere you go? Yes we love adventure as long it stays contained with the boundaries of “this is me.”

Many years ago my husband got a big promotion so we shopped for new clothes. I held out a very colorful shirt and tie only to see him frown and say, “That’s not me.”

I persuaded him to purchase the shirts and tolerate his discomfort, that persistent feeling of “not me.” Sure enough he adjusted to his new clothes and now he picks out colorful shirts on his own.

The next time you find yourself thinking “that’s not me” as you reject something new, pause. Consider the possibility that it might become “you.”


  1. Novelty adds aliveness and joy to life. Stretch yourself by doing one new thing a week that takes you out of your comfort zone.
  1. Reflect on how you may have held yourself back in your work by thinking “that’s not me.” Perhaps you rejected a project with a learning curve or you didn’t reach for a leadership role. You can change that.
  1. We are always growing, changing and evolving. There is no such thing as a static “me.” Enjoy the possibility of being able to create yourself new each day.

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