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Self Care:  Survival or Replenishment?

Has self care become something you do after you’re depleted? Does it consist mainly of getting time to recover after you breakdown from doing too much? Or do you have to get sick to get a big chunk of time off?

When I talk about self care, I’m not talking about getting the basics covered. You know what these are, eat right, exercise and get enough sleep, or find time here and there to read, do crafts and hang out with your friends.

I’m talking about the kind of self care that leaves you feeling spacious on the inside, and deeply fulfilled and rested – so rested that you actually feel energized and vibrant.

You’re energized because you’ve been receiving … receiving life, allowing it to come to you instead of frantically chasing it down.

This kind of receiving comes from an ability to be in the moment vs. being in your head with your “to do” list attacking you from every corner.

You receive the day as it unfolds, being with people as they are, not needing to script the day or your life or the other person.

From this place you might feel moved to sweep the floor or do the dishes, not because it needs to be done, but because you want to tend to these tasks from a place of care.

Or you might feel moved to do a favor for a friend, again because you want to. This is very different from the “just get the job done” mode or “say yes to avoid guilt.”

I don’t know about you, but I have a deep desire to care and to give and to love the people in my life.

True self care means being able to give from a joyous heart not from an exhausted body.  When care becomes a chore I know that I am neglecting myself.

Would you like more time, more spaciousness and fulfillment? You can have it.

Give yourself the gift of a free coaching session. 

Allow yourself the space and time to focus on you so that you can discover what you need and how you can receive the enfoldment of deeper self care during this holiday season.

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Anne Marie Clear

Anne Marie playfully refers to herself as the boundary queen. She loves helping women develop the skills, the confidence, and the security needed to successfully juggle all of the different relationships in their lives while taking good care of themselves too!