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I know how hard it is to pick up the phone and ask for help. It can even be pretty scary to send an email. I understand. Many times I longed to call someone whose work moved me but I was too afraid.

Do get in touch with me. It makes my day when I hear from working women. You should see my face when I receive an email from someone thanking me for my Ezine – I can’t stop smiling!

So if you are a motivated working woman and you want to learn how you can have a career, a family and a life, contact me now for your Free Strategy Session.

Here is what will happen when you contact me:

  • I’ll get in touch with you by email or by phone, which ever works best for you.
  • We will set up a FREE, no cost no obligation 30 minute Strategy Session.
  • I will ask you to answer 5 questions and email me your answers prior to our meeting.

In your free Strategy Session you will:

  1. Get clear on what you want for yourself.
  2. Experience what the impact would be if you reached your goals.
  3. Uncover hidden challenges and obstacles that are in your way.
  4. Identify key strategic objectives necessary for your success.
  5. Feel renewed, inspired and reenergized about your life.
  6. Learn about my services and together we will decide if they are a fit for you.

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Anne Marie

Anne Marie Clear

Anne Marie playfully refers to herself as the boundary queen. She loves helping women develop the skills, the confidence, and the security needed to successfully juggle all of the different relationships in their lives while taking good care of themselves too!