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Are you a professional who wants to experience more joy and fulfillment in your career, your family and your marriage? Do you believe there is more to life than working hard and trying to stay caught up? Then you are in the right place.

Most of my clients are devoted to their family and care deeply about doing well in their chosen career. Typically they do a great job of managing their work and taking care of other people.

What they don’t do so well is make their own needs a priority.

Is this you?

“I feel like a big ‘care-taking’ machine … all I do is take care of everyone and everything.”
You want to take care of yourself and make your needs a priority. You schedule time to exercise or read a book, but it doesn’t happen.

“Oh my goodness … sex just feels like one more thing on my ‘to do’ list.”
You love your partner and want to connect, but when you’re finally alone all you want to do is sleep. You don’t have the energy to solve this problem, so you keep putting it off. Someday, you tell yourself.

“I can’t let anyone think my career is interfering with my home responsibilities.”
Your job requires overtime, so you’re late. Everyone is waiting for dinner, for laundry … you move at warp speed to prove you have things under control and no one is going to suffer because of your job.

“Will I ever get this stuff done? I feel so guilty looking at this mess every day.”
There’s never enough time and the chores keep multiplying. So you do a little here and a little there but you rarely complete anything before you have to move on. And you hate that things aren’t done well.

“I can’t sleep, I’m getting fat and I feel like I am 100 years old. What am I doing wrong?”
You haven’t slept well since your kids were born. You’re always tired. So you eat to feel better, only now you are gaining weight. You worry about everything … if only you could turn your head off.

If this is you, then you’re in the right place. There is hope. All of these issues that you are struggling with can be managed. I can help you feel better and create balance in all of your relationships.

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Anne Marie

Anne Marie Clear

Anne Marie playfully refers to herself as the boundary queen. She loves helping women develop the skills, the confidence, and the security needed to successfully juggle all of the different relationships in their lives while taking good care of themselves too!