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5 Warning Signs That You Are In Over Your Head

There are problems and then there are problems. The first kind you can handle all by yourself while the latter requires help.

Here are 5 warning signs to let you know you’re in over your head:

  • The bandwidth in your brain is getting all used up on one issue
  • You grab anyone who will listen to you and you talk nonstop
  • The same people get cornered by you the next day for more nonstop talking
  • “Deer in the headlights” stare when you’re asked to focus on a different topic
  • “The problem” is the last thing you think about before going to sleep and the first thing you think about when you wake up

I had one of “those problems” recently. My whole life was squeezed and condensed into this one issue and it had me in its grip. Was it an emergency? No. Could have I continued to live with it? Sure, as long as I didn’t mind feeling crazy and feeling crazy tired.

I got help and then I got my dang life back. Stop suffering. Give your thorny issues an expiration date. Get help.


  1. Keep score. Clock the amount of time an issue is sucking up in your most important relationship. If you hit day 3 and you are still yakking about this one thing to your partner or friend, it’s time to get help.
  2. Getting help is an act of self care. Just because you think you can live with the problem doesn’t mean you should live with the problem.
  3. The more problems you have dragging you down the less bandwidth you have available to be the contribution you were born to be. Tick those problems off one by one and watch your life soar.

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